Frequently Asked Questions

While there is nothing mysterious about REvolve - it’s a trackball on a gamepad - there is still plenty you might want to know. Here are some of the most common questions being asked about REvolve. If you can’t find it here, send in your questions, and we will do our best to answer.


Is REvolve available to purchase?

Right now unfortunately, there aren’t any plans to produce the REvolve Controller. Finding the needed funding has been unsuccessful, and there are no current attempts at new funding.

However, we are more than delighted to keep you in the know of any new developments. Send a quick request to be on our mailing list or any other inquiries to


I like my mouse and keyboard. What makes REvolve better?

REvolve is about crossbreeding the best of M/K with the best of gamepad to create an offspring that can go places and do things that either parent couldn't do on their own. It's a practical device that does not have to compromise on comfort or precision.

Imagine kicking back on your couch with controls that can keep up with your in-game action but without sacrificing your comfort. Imagine saying goodbye to the claw-hand posture of a desktop creeper.

Imagine using a controller to play video games that was actually designed as a controller to play video games.


What about my PS3/XBOX360? This would be great for consoles!

We have always been in strong agreement about that.

In its inception, what is now REvolve was once aimed to be a console gamepad evolution, but while the idea was still young, major first-party console developers wanted to go a different direction. We like to feel there may yet be a future there, but only time will tell.


I'm curious about the trackball size/sensitivity/friction/cleaning/tracking/support system?

We evaluated a large number of different options with the trackball implementation. – If you're going to make a controller with trackball, it has to be the best it can be; not just an afterthought or any old mechanism. – We settled on a method that is closely modeled after a thumb-operated unit by a leading trackball device manufacturer.

The ball is supported by tiny alumina bearings. This system is virtually impervious to wear and nearly impossible to gum up, but super easy to clean if you need to. It spins incredibly smooth with almost no effort. A good flick will let it ride for a few moments.

The ball is tracked optically. At this time the optical resolution spec has not been finalized. The current prototype is 400dpi. We are aiming for much higher in the final.

The ball size is of course also a big factor. Again, we settled on a size that was large enough to give you good control over those finer movements, but not to big to wear out your thumb with a lot of unnecessary travel.


Does REvolve have vibration?

The existing prototype does have vibration motors for feedback. However, targeting the PC platform may affect whether these will remain in the final specification as feedback output is more uncommon with games for PC, rendering the motors more unnecessary.


What made you decide on the PlayStation D-pad/Joystick position?

REvolve currently uses an inside joystick position, similar to a PlayStation controller. This is because the original design was aimed at PS2.


Will there be a left-handed trackball version?

REvolve will launch with only one configuration of controls, which includes a right-thumb operated trackball.


Will there be a mode where I don't have to keep moving the ball?

The trackball provides similar interaction as that of a mouse. So, it will be useful in all situations where mouse would be preferable to a joystick.


Does REvolve support a Mac as well as PC?

Yes. REvolve connects via USB and registers as both a standard "mouse" input and also as a generic gamepad/joystick input device.